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Beauty Rest Sleep Tips for Better Health and Happiness

Sleeping Well Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Do you wrestle with the troublesome problem of not being able to sleep? Have you found yourself staring at the ceiling – wide eyed – hours after you went to bed, feeling more upset by the minute? If this sounds familiar, don’t worry: you are not alone. There are quite a lot of people who have trouble sleeping at night. If you want to have restful sleep every night, it’s easy to do if you follow a few simple rules. We will be explaining some things you can try to make it easier for you to fall asleep easily and sleep soundly through the night.

First off, as you’ve probably heard before, if you consume anything with caffeine and tobacco in the late evening, you should stop doing so. Caffeine might be great for helping you wake up in the morning but it can really work against you in the evenings when it is time to go to bed. Some people impose a “cut off time” after which they deny themselves caffeine and stick to water or herbal beverages like tea. Your body will need some time to eliminate any stimulants you have consumed, so give yourself enough space before bedtime to allow this to happen.

Sleeping Well Means Keeping Cool

Scientists have proven that people sleep better in rooms that are cool. Everyone knows how hard it is to sleep when it is hot, so summers become a problem, but colder months are not much of a problem. You will be able to keep a constant cool temperature at night, as long as you have air conditioning or a fan. A “white noise” machine can be used to block out noises in the background which might keep you from sleeping, and your air conditioner can fulfill this role.

For the third tip, many insomniacs suggest that, as a last resort, simply get out of bed for a while. Don’t stay there fighting a losing battle. Few things can compare with the aggravation of going to bed and then laying there wide awake. The stress that will result from all this restlessness could possibly impact your life more than a sleepless night. And it certainly won’t help you get to sleep any faster. After the first 30 minutes, if you are still restless, get up and find something relaxing to do. Find something relaxing to do in another room – with soft lighting – and see if that helps. Some suggestions would be to read something pleasant or just relax and meditate.

Sleeping Well Means Being Your Best!

As long as you are willing to try certain things, the possibilities of getting to sleep each night will increase for you. From sleeping in a dark room, developing a bedtime routine to taking medication prescribed by your physician, your options are almost endless. To achieve sleeping through the night is only a matter of finding the right way. To figure out what works the best is a matter of trial and error.

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