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Hair Loss in African Americans: How to Deal With It

A Review of Hair Loss Products that can help black hair

African-American hair remains a hot topic for many, especially how to grow more hair. The fact is a lot of African American women would like more hair, and whether you do or not, it’s okay either way. I’m just going to help you learn a few tricks and understand some products that can help.

A person can become quite overwhelmed with shopping for hair loss products because there are so many of them. Which one you want to use may depend on your preference for man-made chemicals or a preference for more natural compounds. But in this article we will be highlighting those products that are available over the counter. What you may have to do is try several of them before finding something that will work to some degree of satisfaction.

NuHair Thinning Hair Serum is a product that improves texture and fullness of your hair. It’s designed to be used by both men and women, and it contains a large number of helpful ingredients. This product is fairly standard in the way that it has typical hair vitamins plus a few others for good measure. There are some Chinese herbs that are also included in NuHair Thinning Hair Serum. There is nothing wrong with making your hair as healthy as possible, and that is the entire strategy, here.

Provillus is a hair loss treatment that combines a Minoxidil topical treatment for the scalp with an oral supplement. This product comes in two formulas, one for men and one for women, and can be helpful at treating either male or female pattern baldness. You may know the method that Minoxidil uses to combat hair loss, and it just inhibits the action of DHT which is a form of testosterone that impacts the follicle. So in addition to that, the capsule you take works to decrease the DHT in your body, so that will contribute to the protection. The reason Provillus is used by so many is because this problem is about hair loss that is due to genetics.

A dermatologist will be able to explain to you those side effects involved with using any product that can grow your hair back, so talk to them just to be safe. A medical issue like thyroid illness could actually be causing your hair loss, not something else. You may be actually suffering from hair loss caused by prescription medication. It has been shown that antidepressants and beta blockers can cause this to happen. Women, that just delivered a baby, can lose their hair as well.

What’s new in the world of hair regrowth?

There are even new laser technologies for hair regrowth like the iGrow, Theradome, and clinical lasers in hair restoration clinics that have shown great promise. The laser light is absolutely safe in the harmless infrared spectrum, but it stimulates follicular growth.

There are also certain scalp infections that can cause hair loss, and which require specific types of treatment. Before trying any hair loss product, consult with your physician or dermatologist. If this is an issue outside of hereditary hair loss, they may be able to treat it.

Before choosing a hair loss product, you should understand the nature of your hair loss, and make sure it’s not being caused by something that needs medical attention. In the usual case of hereditary hair loss, you have quite a few options, some of which we’ve covered in this article. Becoming frustrated over your hair loss, or discouraged in any way, is not something you should do – you should deal with your hair loss in an appropriate manner.

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