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How to Start Your Own Dog Walking Business- a Rover.com Review

Use Rover.com to Sign Up to Be a Dog Sitter or Dog Walker from Home

*Rover.com makes it easy for you to sign up to start getting dog sitting/dog walking business immediately. The downside is, depending on your city, you may be one of the last sitters on the list to get selected. This is why you need to have a solid plan on how to start a dog walking/sitting business so that you’re not completely reliant on a 3rd party referral service, which will surely leave you disappointed and earning far less than what you’re capable of!

*Be prepared to give Rover.com 15% to 20% of what you earn. This is a pretty standard fee. But again, imagine keeping all the money you earn once you get your dog walking/dog sitting business off the ground and building a loyal regular client base.

*Use the service “Wag” as well to get some dog walking clients in addition to Rover.com.

*Make your online profile stand out. Fill it out completely. Pics of you having a good time with dogs will give reassurance to potential dog sitting and walking clients that you are the right person for the job.

Tricks of the Dog Walking Trade

*When you’re out on your walks, carry business cards/fliers to put up on the houses and bulletin boards in your walking area. 2 birds with one stone!

*Scale your business up to the point of comfort. Like the video above, if you’re tired by the end of the day, you may want to readjust your dog walking acumen to reduce/consolidate the number of dogs per each walk to conserve energy, or get an additional employee.

*Get dog insurance. Google it! Very easy to find. There’s 2 kinds: dog sitting from home and dog walking.

*Watch a few YouTube videos on dealing with aggressive dogs so that you can calm a heated situation between any dogs you’ll be walking in a group together.

Understand the reasons why people need dog walkers and dog sitters

People will always need dog walkers and dog sitters. You can also do a search in your city for other dog walking businesses that may need to outsource some dog walking jobs to you.

Building a website is going to put you ahead of the pack, so to speak, when outshining your dog walker competitors in your city or town.

Reaching out to local dog related businesses for referrals is a great way to get some initial customers and to build a network with other dog professionals.

For additional help and resources we recommend this easy-to-follow dog walking/dog sitting business guide.

move over rover dog sitting and dog walking business starter guide
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