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JT Eaton Bed Bug Spray Review

jt eaton bed bug spray reviewsJT Eaton spray for bed bugs is one of the most popular pesticides for doing battle with the infamous Cimex Lectarius night time creepy crawlies. You may have known someone else who dealt with bed bugs and if you talked about it at all, inevitably products like JT Eaton and Temprid enter the conversation.

But before you run out to buy a bottle or spray can, just stop to ask yourself: what do you really know about these products? What does this product contain? Are there any dangers of side effects, and if yes, what could they be?

Recent news: mother kills infant, sickens four other children attempting to apply bed bug chemical pesticides in her home.

It is crucially important to do your homework on this one, and the first thing your research will tell you is that there are different types of sprays of JT Eaton for bedbugs out there, and you should choose one that fits your requirement the most. In this post, we will focus on mainly two different types of bed bug sprays which are popular, and the benefits and cons for each of them.

JT Eaton Oil Based Bed Bug Spray, a Quart:

At $18.36 on amazon, this spray is a bit in the high price range, but it is certainly worth a buy. This product is an oil based liquid that primarily contains about 0.13% of pyrethrin and 1.27% of Piperonyl Butoxide. This is effective in killing brown dog ticks, fleas and definitely bed bugs to keep your environment totally insect-free. You can buy either a quart, 4 gallons or even 5 gallons of this product. The limited time of warranty is one year.


1. This bed bug spray delivers on its promise. It effectively kills bed bugs, unlike the other bed bug sprays which only temporalily paralyze the pests when saturated.

2. You will not run into extra expenditures by calling the exterminator. This bed bug is permanently effective, getting rid of all types of insects without causing any hassle, but usually just the ones you can see, with potential side effects from pyrethrum as headache, ringing of the ears, nausea, tingling of fingers and toes, breathing problems, and other nervous system problems.

Pretty standard side effects associated with any types of chemical pesticides, and what we caution our readers to heed and ultimately decide for themselves if it’s worth the risk.

cimex lectarius aka the bed bugCons:

1. One of the complaints that users have is against the stink. This product leaves behind a cloud of stink that needs to be effectively aired out. Also, make sure that you leave the room after spraying the liquid, since the chemicals can make you woozy.

2. Some users have also stated that the oil spray kills bed bugs only on contact, otherwise it is not so efficient.

3. The oil based liquid could create stains in the carpet or cause the veneer polish to peel off the wooden furniture.
Despite the cons, this product can be used with some safety guidelines set in place. Wear a mask while spraying, and then leave the room.

(to learn about a natural solution read our reviews of Bedroom Guardian and Defensive End! )

Close the doors and windows so that the spray can do its work. About an hour later make sure that you open up the windows so that the chemicals are cleared up. Once the room is properly ventilated, there will be no chance of being affected by the spray.

JT Eaton Aerosol Water Based Insect Spray:

This product is priced at $13.68, and you certainly will be getting value for your money if you go for this one. It contains about .15% of pyrethrins, .30% of permethrins, and .75% of piperonyl butoxide. Not only is it effective in killing bed bugs, but it will also get rid of cockroaches, ants and even dust mites.

It claims to provide about 12 days residual protection once it has been sprayed in an infested area. This 7 ounce spray bottle comes with one year warranty.

The reviews on bed bug spray by JT Eaton review has been quite positive with very few users coming up with complaints.

jt eaton water aerosol based bed bug spray killer repellentPros:

1. This bed bug product works quite efficiently, where customers have witnessed that their room and beds stay insect-free for about 12 weeks and more after the first spray.

2. The smell is not at all overpowering. It stinks very little, with some customers stating that the smell is so light that it is easily dismissible.

3. The price is much cheaper than an exterminator.


1. The spray works only if it comes in contact with the insects. This product may not eliminate all the eggs if you have to keep spraying every 10 days, as bed bugs and most bugs have a hatch cycle of 7 to 21 days.

Or else it might take some more time to get rid of all the bed bugs. Thus diligent re-applications may be required, and ultimately may result in decreased efficacy if sporadic treatments are administered.

2. Some users have filed complaints saying that the nozzle of this bottle does not work well. It can get easily clogged, so it needs to be cleaned every single time before use.

Overall, the reviews on bed bug sprays of JT Eaton speak of its effectiveness, but beware of side effects . Obviously the side effects on a product like this are not likely to be known until years down the road, as has been the case with many neurological disorders and birth defects from Roundup as well as Cipro.

We however cannot recommend it because in order for us to make a recommendation on a product, it has to be completely safe, affordable, and effective.

But it’s a free country!

So choose your bed bug weapon with care. JUST don’t kill your kids.



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