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Sevin 5% Dust Reviews for Gardening Mites, Household Use and Other Pests

sevin 5 percent dust for killing garden mites reviews from customers

How Good Is Sevin 5% Dust To Kill Bugs In Your Garden, Farm Or Fruit Trees?

There have been a lot of opinions and reviews on GardenTehc’s Sevin 5% dust, a bug killer that claims to kill as many as sixty five varieties of insects that get in your fields (and even groceries) or pester your farm animals. Anyone who knows the trouble with fleas in dogs and chickens or worms on their citrus trees will probably be very grateful for a non-toxic bug killer that takes care of a broad spectrum of insects including bed bugs.

We’re mainly concerned with indoor use for bed bugs on this blog because after all, bed bugs live and hide indoors!

So how safe is Sevin 5% dust and what side effects, if any, could it cause? Let’s take a look at what Sevin 5% dust reviews have to say.

Ingredients in Sevin 5% Dust

Sevin 5% contains 5 percent carbaryl, which is the main active ingredient that kills insects such as grubs, ticks and Japanese beetles. But it can also kill some nontarget pests that could otherwise be beneficial for your lawns. Carbaryl is the common term for the chemical 1-napthyl methycarbamate. The chemical was first registered with the Environmental Protection Agency in the US in 1959 and has been used in more than 300 pest-control products since then.

The chemical works by attacking the nervous system of the insect you’re trying to target and then quickly leading to death. It can kill insects on contact or even when the bugs ingest the chemical. GardenTech’s Sevin 5% dust is only approved for use on lawns, fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.

How Non-Toxic is Sevin 5% Dust, Exactly?

While many reviews have been talking about using Sevin 5% dust on pet food etc., it is not legally approved for use indoors. There is also some misconception that the product is completely non-toxic. But that is absolutely not the case. Lab rats have not fared well when fed this chemical – researchers label the chemical moderately toxic. This applies to people as well as pets. It’s not as toxic when you touch or inhale it however.

Sevin and Household Pets

It is important not to feed your pets Sevin 5% dust, no matter what reviews on forums or product websites may tell you! The problem with the Internet today is that there is quite a lot of unauthorized information doing the rounds. People find some unsubstantiated piece of information that suits them somewhere and then it spreads like wildfire. Carbaryl can lead to side effects in pets, including vomiting, diarrhea, behavioral changes, tremors, tearing and other symptoms. When the exposure is too much, it could even lead to death or worse, paralysis. Note that your cats are likely to be more sensitive than dogs.

The EPA also considers carbaryl to be carcinogenic. Mild exposure for humans can lead to stomach cramps, headaches, sweating, muscle weakness etc. There have also been cases of severe carbaryl poisoning in people. It has led to coma, convulsions and even death. People should most definitely not touch, inhale or ingest carbaryl in any form.

Sevin 5% has been widely used for killing bugs in lawns, and on fruit and vegetable trees. It doesn’t penetrate plant tissue, so as long as you wash off produce well, it may be safe to eat. The dilution of the carbaryl that goes into Sevin 5% also may keep it safer than other carbaryl products. But the choice is yours. Use with caution and you’ll have greater peace of mind.

For garden pests one might opt for Definitive End instead, as it contains no toxic chemicals and still kills all parasites.

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