Orkin Exterminators Review

The Pros and Cons of Orkin Exterminators

orkin bed bug exterminator reviews

I found 15 bad reviews for every decent review online with Orkin. Those aren’t good odds.

Orkin Exterminators promise to have bed bugs gone in 30 days or you get free treatments until they are completely gone.

Only problem is, they won’t quote you a price on their website. And they won’t even show their prices period for the last 3 years. Seems like they’re just waiting to check out your home and stick you with a fat bill!

Then once you sign on with them, they’ll continue to give you unlimited treatments, but on THEIR schedule. So if your infestation is not improving, they’re still charging your credit card but then blowing you off as the bed bugs continue to bite at night.

Orkin Bed Bug Exterminator Review

For many people their services cost anywhere from $75 to $100 on a monthly basis. But once you’re in, then they tend to slack on sending regular service to your place, or it is unreliable. One of the biggest complaints online I saw is that people had to call and constantly remind Orkin to keep coming for treatments. That’s a bad deal and very annoying if you’re paying $75/month and still not getting peace of mind or getting rid of pests.

Also, just reading all the other reviews online, I noticed a lot of people saying they had problems with internal departments at Orkin like administrative and billing, where their service was cut off without warning and were not refunded their money, and when they did get their refund, it was much less than they should have got.

Again, the sprays and chemicals don’t completely kill anything or stop the bed bugs, plus they could be potentially toxic.

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