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Preventive Teeth Care for You and Your Baby(s)

the importance of flossin

A Solid Tooth Care Program Always Starts at Home


Everybody knows that it is vital to take really good care of our teeth. After all, you only get the one set of them and they need to last for your whole life. If you are one of those fortunate people, you will have grown up with parents who taught you how important oral care is and who made sure that you saw your dentist regularly.

Of course, even if you weren’t, you can still learn what you need to know and turn it into good habits. You will discover that even the bare minimum healthy habits can help you take care of your gums, teeth and the rest of your mouth too. It is about the teeth in your head but there is more to you than that. Healthy mouths and gums are also needed to help your teeth get the real chance they deserve.

Do you know what is tartar and what is plaque? Plaque forms when bacteria establish themselves along your gum line. Tartar is basically plaque that has a chance to harden because it isn’t effectively removed from the mouth. Because tartar is the more advanced condition, brushing often isn’t enough to get rid of it. Worst of all, tartar does a lot more damage to your teeth. Then you have to see a dentist or laser teeth whitening at home like http://mayoweddingflorists.com/teeth-bleaching-pointer-for-a-more-vibrant-smile/ to take off years of damage.


The right toothpaste goes a long way


Use a toothpaste that is healthy and contains anti-tartar ingredients. You already know that it is important to brush your teeth twice a day but it is important that you hold back on the pressure because too much pressure is bad for your gum lines. We all understand that flossing is a very important part of good mouth care. It is also important to acknowledge that your dentist has probably told you to floss every day–which is good advice.

Here is some flossing advice that you should follow. Obviously you want it to be effective and you need to make sure that you don’t cause any damage to your gums as you do it. When you put the floss between your teeth it is important to be gentle as you move it back and forth. Do not force the floss under your gum line, but rather just slide it up and down the tooth. To make sure that you have oriented your floss correctly, pull it around the edges of your tooth.


The Myth of Teeth Whitening: Try Teeth Healthening Instead


If you are a young adult, such as a teen, then we strongly urge you to avoid OTC, over the counter, teeth whiteners. Most young adults do not need something so strong, and you really never know about what you will be getting with the OTC brands. Even when they are perfectly clean and healthy, it is normal for teeth to have a slightly off-white color. While teeth may appear to be totally white from a short distance, once you look at them close-up you will notice they aren’t “perfectly white”. The concept of “perfectly white” teeth is one that is being pushed on us by modern marketing. If you are determined to have whiter teeth, then it is recommended that you see a dentist for professional evaluation and whitening program.

We think that the majority of proper teeth care is just plain education and common sense. Avoid allowing vanity to get the better of you and take on lots of procedures that might not necessarily be healthy or even worth it in the long run.

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