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Urban Guide to Money Saving Techniques

Have you been thinking about the necessity of saving money? If so, that’s a good sign that you should start a plan. How do you start? Simply make the decision to do so, and follow through. When some people give the idea of saving money too much thought, they come to the conclusion that it’s a difficult task. Or they can’t figure out a method to save sufficient amounts of money. This negativity will get you nowhere and you must avoid it. You need to start, work at it constantly, and be patient.

Do you live in an apartment? You can still seal your windows and doors against the weather with ease. With your door, you can add weatherstripping around the frame if there is none. The windows are really easy to seal, and all you need is some RTV. You can buy a tube of RTV and bead it around the inside of your window between the glass and the frame. To make the bead concave, gently mold it with your index finger or a butter knife. This will ensure that it gets into any small cracks or fissures that allow heat and cool air to escape outdoors. This great, easy to use product, is what home builders use and it’s readily available at stores that sell home supplies. Just read the label and buy what you need.

Take Care of Your Car to Avoid Costly Repairs Down the Road

If your care or truck tires are getting worn, then bite the bullet and get new ones. It isn’t necessary, of course, to buy the most expensive tires. Get something in the medium range with quality and expense and that will be fine. One of the reasons you want to keep track of the condition of your tires is that worn out tread decreases gas mileage. Worn tread is also a major safety hazard when you have to drive on pavements that are wet.

Highway driving is even more chancy when ice or moisture is on the roadway. The traction on these surfaces isn’t as good as on streets in town. If the highway is wet and you’re driving fast, then your car can hydroplane which is extremely dangerous. Tires are more expensive on trucks and SUVs than regular cars but it’s worth doing.

ATM’s are the Silent Money Vampire

We’ve all used ATM machines here and there, but you really want to limit that as much as you can. It can cost you quite a bit of money to use your ATM because of the small fees that they charge, especially if you do it a lot. It can cost a lot of money if you continue to do this every 30 days. If you do use the ATM often, you are looking at over $40 in potential fees that you will have to pay by using the service. It is possible to get this amount correct overtime. And your goal should be to restrict ATM use to zero or at least just a few times a month. $35 or $40 a month may not seem like a lot, but that’s up to $480.00 for the entire year at the upper end.

Discipline is the main trait you will need when you decide to save money. A sense of discipline and commitment will go a long way in this effort. Your savings will grow, but don’t pay attention to the balance. The money you are saving isn’t for impulse buying, so put those types of purchases out of your mind.

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