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Snoring is common in adults. According to the recent estimates, forty percent of men and twenty-five percent of women snore on a regular basis. There are many reasons for snoring. You can blame your weight and sinus for continuous snoring. However, you can minimize the symptoms by using CPAP, BIPAP, and anti-snoring mouthpieces.

The anti-snoring oral mouthpiece devices can suppress your snoring either by pushing your tongue or moving your jaw forward. If you want an easy and cost-effective solution without visiting a doctor, you can buy an anti-snoring mouthpiece for starters.

The other options are continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and positive airway pressure (BIPAP) machines. When the CPAP delivers a stable stream of air depending on your prescribed pressurization rate, BIPAP delivers at the variable pressurization rate depending on the user’s breathing patterns. These machines are very effective. However, these are expensive. Moreover, you need a prescription to buy any of these two machines.

CPAP, BIPAP, and Stop Snoring Mouthpieces: Pros and Cons, Costs, Effectiveness

All the above three are effective to reduce the symptoms of snoring. The functioning will be different. Anti-snoring machines are relatively hassle-free as well as cost-effective. They work by creating physical barriers between vibrating tissues and soft tissues in your mouth and throat. Other two types are different and customized.

Anti-snoring mouthpieces


• Cost-effective and hassle-free

• Does not demand a prescription

• Can be effective for all

• Does not require any kind of medical procedure

• Not loud

• Easy to maintain


• Dry mouth & excessive salvation

• Soreness and stiffness in the lower jaw

• Can be used for a maximum period of two years.




• Very effective for sleep apnea including breathing loss episodes and snoring, particularly CPAP is very effective for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

• More effective than anti-snoring mouthpieces

• Can be used for a long time with a little maintenance

• BIPAP can target a lot of issues in addition to snoring that includes congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, and central sleep apnea

• CPAP machines are easy to use

cpap vs bipap reviewCons

• Expensive

• Demands a customized fit

• Cannot be purchased without a prescription

• Demands medical procedure

BIPAP is not without side effects

Which one is more comfortable among the three?

Though CPAP and BIPAP are more effective and customized, still, they lack the required comfort. These are inconvenient and less comfortable. It is difficult to sleep with CPAP and BIPAP machines. But when you will compare CPAP and BIPAP, you will find the later more comfortable. In many cases, doctors suggested CPAP due to its high effectiveness. But people prefer BIPAP for its comfort. They do not need to fight against the machine while exhaling.

Conclusion on the best stop snoring devices

What do you think? Do you find any of these helpful to treat your snoring? All these devices are designed to eliminate snoring. You can choose any depending on your preference. While choosing any of them, you need to go through all the features to avoid discomfort. More importantly, it is not suggested to use these devices for a long time to treat snoring. Instead, you should visit your doctor to find out the root cause and get treatment. Regular use of anti-snoring devices will create lifelong dependence and you need to avoid it.

CPAP, BIPAP, and Stop Snoring Mouthpieces: Pros and Cons, Costs, Effectiveness


best hybrid mattress reviews

Tempur Pedic. California King. Body adjusting memory foam.

These words might mean nothing to a person if they weren’t buying a new mattress for their bedroom. But to someone who’s actively on the hunt for a brand new, luxury plush memory foam mattress with cooling pillow top & free shipping, then this post is just for you.

Buying a Plush New Bed Bug Resistant Mattress

bed bugsAs you know, I help people get rid of their little bed bug problem so they can sleep better at night. Dealing with a bedbug problem often leads to making decisions about current beds, mattresses, box springs and bed frames- namely, throwing them out and getting new ones or cleaning the ones we already have with a vengeance.

I chose to get a new mattress through my ordeal, taking advantage of any excuse to upgrade my shoddy old mattress. I started to look around the web for a queen bed bug resistant, cooling memory foam mattress with pillow top because I was going 5 star this time after my nightmare with bed bugs.

buy new mattress with free shipping

What I stumbled upon in my own search for a luxury hybrid mattress was the new high-end bed in a box you can buy online that couples outstanding hand constructed design with perks such as free shipping, 365 day trial, one free lifetime cleaning, and $200 off through this link. Simply known as DreamCloud, this innovative new bed design offers several features which sleep enthusiasts like myself are going to love.

So let’s explore them.

Why is the DreamCloud the Best Mattress You Can Buy Online?

luxury plush hybrid memory foam mattress and bed in a box

1. DreamCloud is the first and only 15″ inch luxury mattress that you can buy online and have delivered to your doorstep. This mattress is big, baby, and you’re going to recognize the hand crafted quality in all of the little details immediately to top it all off.

2. Being a luxury hybrid mattress, it combines the best of the old school coil and spring mattresses with the new modern memory foam and plush European pillow top available in high end hotels. A well thought out design means that you may not even need a box spring any more.

3. It has 8 levels of memory foam and cashmere cover surfaces, and a special gel layer responsible for cooling the mattress. There are 3 different types of memory foam employed in its design, and the coils also work to transfer your body heat away from you, making it one cool bed in a box, right out of the box.

dreamcloud luxury mattress reviews

4. Free shipping. 365 day trial. Free 1-time cleaning. Free moving expenses for changing residences and moving your mattress. Free return policy.

DreamCloud Reviews: the Best Luxury Memory Foam Mattress with Free Shipping

top comfortable and affordable mattressIf you’re still not convinced for yourself, you can read more Dreamcloud reviews or take advantage of the no-risk 365 day trial and get the feel for your new mattress before making any final decisions. Shop around for the best price and see if any better alternatives exist before pressing the buy button on any mattress.

For my money, DreamCloud can’t be beat. It’s stylish, modern, firm in all the right places, soft in others, affordable, comfortable, and an overall good value. But most importantly- it’s the kind of bed I look forward to laying my head down on every night!

So for now, it’s good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Good luck 🙂


More DreamCloud Reviews


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Use Rover.com to Sign Up to Be a Dog Sitter or Dog Walker from Home

*Rover.com makes it easy for you to sign up to start getting dog sitting/dog walking business immediately. The downside is, depending on your city, you may be one of the last sitters on the list to get selected. This is why you need to have a solid plan on how to start a dog walking/sitting business so that you’re not completely reliant on a 3rd party referral service, which will surely leave you disappointed and earning far less than what you’re capable of!

*Be prepared to give Rover.com 15% to 20% of what you earn. This is a pretty standard fee. But again, imagine keeping all the money you earn once you get your dog walking/dog sitting business off the ground and building a loyal regular client base.

*Use the service “Wag” as well to get some dog walking clients in addition to Rover.com.

*Make your online profile stand out. Fill it out completely. Pics of you having a good time with dogs will give reassurance to potential dog sitting and walking clients that you are the right person for the job.

Tricks of the Dog Walking Trade

*When you’re out on your walks, carry business cards/fliers to put up on the houses and bulletin boards in your walking area. 2 birds with one stone!

*Scale your business up to the point of comfort. Like the video above, if you’re tired by the end of the day, you may want to readjust your dog walking acumen to reduce/consolidate the number of dogs per each walk to conserve energy, or get an additional employee.

*Get dog insurance. Google it! Very easy to find. There’s 2 kinds: dog sitting from home and dog walking.

*Watch a few YouTube videos on dealing with aggressive dogs so that you can calm a heated situation between any dogs you’ll be walking in a group together.

Understand the reasons why people need dog walkers and dog sitters

People will always need dog walkers and dog sitters. You can also do a search in your city for other dog walking businesses that may need to outsource some dog walking jobs to you.

Building a website is going to put you ahead of the pack, so to speak, when outshining your dog walker competitors in your city or town.

Reaching out to local dog related businesses for referrals is a great way to get some initial customers and to build a network with other dog professionals.

For additional help and resources we recommend this easy-to-follow dog walking/dog sitting business guide.

move over rover dog sitting and dog walking business starter guide


After an unfortunate discovery of a bed bug infestation and seeing the trail of droppings where bed bugs gather in the folds and creases or underside of your bed, you might want to consider replacing your mattress.

If your mattress is not stained with brown and red smears from the bed bug doody, then you might not even need to change out your mattress.

Still, if you were one of those people who is using a second hand mattress (nothing wrong with that, I’m using one right now), it might give you just the excuse to try a new option and treat yourself a little. Nest Bedding is making that even easier with a 100 day risk-free trial and free shipping. Wow!

70% of bed bugs live and hide in your box spring.
The mattresses over at Nest Bedding are so innovative that you can even throw out your old box spring and mattress altogether, and simply get a one-piece mattress solution directly from them that incorporates the comfort of a mattress with the support of a box spring.

It really is an all-in-one solution, like the signature “Alexander Series” pictured below. Over 300+ 5-star reviews. No pushy smelly salespeople. What do you have to lose?

new bed box spring and mattress




Nest Bedding ships mattresses FREE across the country!


Get $100 off the Alexander Signature Series by using the code BESTBED100


Well it’s summer again, which means peak bed bug season. So I thought I’d drop a quick blog with some new facts I found on the web. Watch this video, because this is where bed bugs tend to hide the most.

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs: Check Your Box Spring of your Mattress

This is one of the most common and preventable ways of getting rid of that bed bug problem, fast. Check your boxspring, because this is where 70% of the bedbugs are actually hiding.

Best (and Worst) Ways to Kill a Bed Bug

Don’t be silly. Staying up for nights on end with a spray bottle filled with alcohol is just going to leave you exhausted and it won’t get rid of bed bugs’ eggs. That’s right. For every bed bug you see, there’s probably 10 more you don’t see.

So just say no to contact killers like bed bug spray. They’re basically a for-profit scheme by existing bed bug repellent product makers. Trust me I know. I get emails from these companies saying “We listened to our customers and came up with a spray killer for bed bugs.” This is only a marketing trick and it relies on the age-old misconception that you have to shoot something in order to kill it, and again it will set you off in the wrong direction, but with less money for a 100% solution.

where do bedbugs hide

Bedbugsos.ca Review (and other online bed bug supply stores)

My cousin is a real estate professional that lives in Canada. As a part of her normal business she has to deal with selling and renting houses, and of course some tenants leave behind bed bugs. So when she needed a solution sent to multiple units and tenants, this company thought she was running a scam. So they did not even ship the orders out and demanded an explanation for the multiple orders, even after they kept her money.

Being naturally sassy like myself she cussed them out, and almost had to contact her credit card company after making some threats. She eventually got her money back, but it took 10 days and her tenants never got their much-needed bed bug killer. Talk about a waste of time. And money.

The problem with a lot of these online bed bug supply stores is they don’t even try to get you the best bed bug treatment or solution. They try to sell you a bunch of merchandise. Like how they try to Super Size your Quarter Pounder w Cheese Extra Value Meal at McDonalds. This is great for them and horrible for you, and also a big reason I made this blog to help people learn how to get rid of bedbugs once and for all, without spending unnecessary dollars, especially in this economy.

So remember: check your box spring, pray but don’t spray, and keep the high costs of bed bugs away.

Good luck and have a bed bug bite-free summer.



best natural bed bug killerWhen you have a massive bed bug problem you can experience a severe decline in the quality of your life. This is because sleep is so crucial to your body’s healthy function. Numerous studies have shown significant drop offs in immune function as well as performance in your career and personal life when you don’t get enough sleep.

Making the choice to do something once and for all against a bed bug infestation only makes sense. There are tons of resources on bed bugs on the web, you could read article after article and still not know what to do.

Then there’s the bed bug bites themselves. They can be very itchy and cause pain and discomfort unique from mosquito bites. Some people may not even know they have bed bugs for years!

Number one thing to understand is that an exterminator is not always the best option. We are already bombarded with chemicals, GMO foods, bad water supply with fluoride that is harmful to our health. Do you really trust a pest control specialist is going to have any qualms against spraying your house down with “safe” chemicals?

I once built a small fort out of chairs to keep the exterminator out of my apartment when I was gone with a note to the landlord. That’s how strongly I feel against environmental toxins and preventing exposure to anything that might harm your health.

The costs of a bed bug exterminator can quickly add up. Since you may require multiple treatments, you may be spending several hundred dollars at a time only to be left with the same problem 6 months from now. After a year or 2 you’ve already spent over $1,000 and didn’t notice.

That’s why it’s so important to find the best natural bed bug killer that offers safety, affordability, and effectiveness. Many available bed bug products are not repellents at all. Many are bed bug sprays that kill on contact and may not effectively kill bed bug eggs.bed bug info

Learning how to get rid of bed bugs from several sources and then choosing your budget and tolerance are going to get you well on your way to a safe, affordable and effective solution. There are many natural solutions out there which will not harm the environment or your health.

One of the biggest problems is a lack of available products on retail store shelves. Pest control companies for bed bugs may use expensive heat treatments but it will likely not eliminate bed bugs forever. So be careful before you shell out the big bucks into the thousands.

Good luck, get something that works for you and is within budget that is safe.

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This is kind of how having bed bugs is like is it not? Hahahaha

my favorite part was when he dropped the mattress and goes “oh shit” lol 😀

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Suspend SC is a premium, high-grade formulation that contains deltamethrin, a third-generation pyrethroid that kills more than 50 pests by interfering with their basic nerve cell functioning. Suspend is different from other insecticides because it is a single, pure isomer and has the power to kill insects.

The chemical also comes with a flexible label that enables application on mattresses, carpet and upholstery, box spring—common hiding places for most insects. This Suspend Insecticide review will walk you through all you need to know about this insecticide.

Target pests and insects

This chemical is said to control more than 50 pests including, ants, carpenter ants, firebrats, centipedes, millipedes, fleas, gnats, pantry pests, silverfish, bees, bed bugs, ticks, box-elder bugs, midges, crickets, flies fleas, killer bees, lice, mosquitoes, cecid flies, cockroaches, elm leaf beetles, moths, hornets, scorpions, sowbugs, spiders, multicolored asian lady beetle, pillbugs, yellow jackets, and wasps.

Suspend also treats pantry and pests ornamental, including grain borers and flour beetles. Most people get Suspend to control bed bugs. These are especially disgusting creatures and are usually the reason people learn about this product.

Features of this product

Suspend is an odourless insecticide that controls a wide variety of nuisance pests and one treatment can lasts for up to 3 months. The product works at low and high concentrations and provides almost immediate knockdown. Even better, it won’t stain the painted areas, plastic or material and is resistant to water. This bed bug control chemical should be applied where pests hide with special attention to dark, corners, drains, cracks, crevices, sinks, stoves, crawl spaces and baseboards attics. While applying, be sure to allow for ventilation as this is dangerous.

Suspend is available on Amazon.com

Main active ingredients of Suspend

As stated earlier, the active ingredients in Suspend are pyrethroids and deltamethrin. This ingredient kills when an insect comes into contact with it through paralysing the pest’s nerve cell functioning. Pyrethroids has an instant disabling effect and is considered to be one among the most effective of all the synthetic pyrethroids in the market. Deltamethrin does not leave behind any odour, and can kill a wide variety of pests within minutes. Suspend Insecticide offers Deltamethrin in the concentrated suspension of pure microcrystals, which give Suspend Insecticide a long residual, and rather than being submerged into porous materials, they float on the surface.

Use and application of Suspend on bed bugs

According to the manufacture, you are required to use a low pressure system that comes with pinpoint to apply the spray mixture to areas like floors, crevices, cracks and on walls, expansion joints, areas around sewer pipes, and voids created by appliances. For control of ticks, fleas, and carpet beetles, you are required to apply as a coarse, low-pressure crack to problem areas. Don’t treat the whole floor, carpet or floor coverings. If you must apply to furniture, avoid applying to areas where humans will make contact with it. Great care must be exercised in handling this insecticide.

Potential dangers and side effects of Suspend insecticide

While Suspend kills a number of pests, it is one of the most toxic insecticides out there. The product is harmful when inhaled as it can cause vomiting and diarrhea. The most important thing to remember is not to come into contact with this chemical until the spray dries.

dangerous chemicals in bed bug spraysThis chemical is extremely toxic to water and there it shouldn’t be applied to water or areas where there is surface water. Also, water based spray should not be used in motor housing, conduits, swathe boxes, junctions boxes or any electrical equipment due to possible shock hazard.

Non-toxic alternative to Suspend

Suspend is a synthetic pyrethroid that’s chemically similar to naturally pyrethrins, but modified to be stable in the environment. While they are generally considered to be less toxic choices for insect treatment, they are capable of causing adverse reactions. If you want to get rid of bed bugs in your home for good without toxic chemicals, Defensive End! for bed bugs is still your best bet.

Some people spend hundred on products like Suspend with no relief from bed bugs completely, and it’s potentially highly dangerous to humans.

Because of this we can’t recommend Suspend for treating bed bugs.

(read my Bedroom Guardian Review)


Visit http://definitive-end.com to learn the story behind the guy who made Defensive End! and Definitive End.

Stop those bed bugs, ants, fleas, and ticks naturally!