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Why I Picked Defensive End! as the best way to get rid of bed bugs

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Everyone’s read my original post how I stopped my bed bug problem over a year ago with a little known natural solution called Bedroom Guardian. You can read all my pros and cons in my initial article but today I want to give everyone a quick update on the state of the bed bug product marketplace and one of the newest products released which I reviewed recently.

It’s been 6 months since I originally reviewed Defensive End! which if you see my chart of best and worst bed bug products, you’ll see why I picked it and for what reasons. Since a half a year has gone by there have been some updates that I thought I would post to add to my review.

freshwater amorphous silica and calcium bentonite are the ingredients listed on the bottle for Defensive End!

OG DE!: freshwater amorphous silica and calcium bentonite are the ingredients listed on the bottle for Defensive End!

Defensive End! is a new company on the market, but the fact that they’re new has not stopped them from having the fastest shipping times with free tracking and insurance included.

When I lived in central Los Angeles, I remember one summer my rent check was stolen out of the landlord’s box and the hassle that caused me. Only 2 months after that, I ordered a book off Amazon.com that was stolen directly off my doorstep in the apartment complex I was living in. Each time it took several days and weeks of confusion before realizing what had happened, and the added hassle was totally unavoidable if the packages only had tracking or my apartment complex had better security (and more trustworthy residents and guests).

The last thing you want to deal with if you’re already having trouble sleeping at night and those itchy bugs keep biting is a scenario involving theft and then being left stuck holding the bill for a product you never get, all the while you suffer night in and night out.

Both Bedroom Guardian and Defensive End! are comprised of similar ingredients, but Bedroom Guardian does NOT list theirs on their website nor on their product packaging. Additionally, while it’s an effective natural treatment against bed bugs, Bedroom GuardianBedroom Guardian does not offer tracking or insurance on their orders. Depending on where you live you may not know when it will arrive. It took about 7 to 10 days when I ordered mine and luckily I eventually got it. Defensive End! however now includes free tracking and insurance and it ships the same day you order it in most cases.

Defensive End! has also found a way to deliver 3 to 4 times the volume of bed bug stopping solution on the first order (both have similar ingredients, but Bedroom Guardian does NOT list theirs and some of the reviews are false and downright misleading).

The recurring billing that is inherently built into purchasing Bedroom Guardian does inadvertently help some low-income people dealing with a bed bug problem to get in the game with an affordable solution right away, however the hidden cost is the mediocre customer service, no tracking for shipments, the automatic recurring billing (must call and wait on hold to eventually cancel once your problem is gone) and the way they send a small amount of product every month, makes Bedroom Guardian less effective overall for the consumer with those factors taken into account.

Defensive End! is comparably priced but delivers a larger amount of treatment solution, has a heavy duty and durable dispenser that can reach into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide and lay their eggs, and there’s no recurring billing (unless you sign up for the low-income option on their site which involves an installment payment plan for a set period of time and then stops).

Defensive End! the End to ALL Bed BugsThis is why I rated Defensive End! as the top product, because it has found a way to provide an effective solution and eliminate the hassle for getting a bed bug treatment that does not cost thousands of dollars but still gets the job done quick and safe.

Both Bedroom Guardian and Defensive End! will act as effective treatment here and now for an active bed bug infestation as well as offer long-term prevention, so while Bedroom Guardian and Defensive End! work to stop bed bugs, I think Defensive End! is the better value for all the reasons listed.


Defensive End! is now operating as a worldwide online service to help people get rid of bed bugs by supplying and providing an EPA registered product from the customer’s home country that is already cleared with the local government and is guaranteed to be safe, effective, and is still far more affordable than an exterminator. Additionally online feedback shows that this makes the shipping even faster than it normally would be, and is said to arrive before a bed bug exterminator could even schedule an initial walk-through of your home.

I hope this helps! Good luck in your fight against bed bugs!!

Time to get back to planning my vacation

-Lara 🙂

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