How I (finally) Got Rid of Bed Bugs for Good!

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Hi, I’m Lara.

I made this site to help people like you and me.

I myself used to have a major problem with bed bugs. After my landlord refused to do anything about it, I took matters into my own hands and after a year of trial and error and a thousand bed bug bites later, I finally got completely rid of them!

First off, anyone can get bed bugs, so don’t feel bad! There’s a stigma attached to getting bed bugs but the truth is bed bug infestations are increasing rapidly across all major U.S. cities and are being found in apartments, condos, country homes, hospitals, businesses, hotels, and even fancy mansions.

Hopefully I can get you some relief from bed bugs much quicker than I got mine and save you the time, headaches and trouble. I had my niece who is in college help me build this website, she’s pretty web savvy (unlike me!) so thanks Leticia for your help my dear ?

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Feel free to read my whole story with bed bugs and review of all the good, the bad and just plain ugly bed bug products on the market I went through on this site, but

I also want to just cut to the chase and tell you which one I picked as the best in case you’re in a crunch for time.

We’re all busy people here.

The Problem with Pesticides and Chemical Bed Bug Sprays

toxic chemicals in pesticides

Naturally, like most people I first contacted a professional pest control company. When I personally checked into pesticide services for my apartment unit, no pesticide company wanted to guarantee their work and the prices were astronomical. Plus the more research I did, the more I learned that most modern day pesticides have no effect on bed bugs.

Bed Bugs have been relatively absent for the last 60 years in modern society, and are only recently making a resurgence mainly because modern day pest control has zero effectiveness on eradicating bed bugs. And on top of all this pesticides not being effective nonsense, there still carries the risk of potential health threats from toxic chemicals in the insecticides and pesticides themselves!

I can’t have my baby King James playing on the floor along the baseboards getting his hands in some Orkin bullshit and then he put his hands in his mouth. F a whole lotta that! So what else was there besides pesticide and keeping a clean domicile?

Expensive Heat Treatment to Kill Bed Bugs

picture of bed bug

Many times companies will actually bring down heaters or these heaters are sold online to kill bed bugs by overheating them and then they eventually die.

The heat treatments themselves and the heat treatment unit sold online are prohibitively expensive. And again, they don’t work to kill all the eggs and stop bed bugs from coming back.

I probably went through 100 different bed bug solutions that either didn’t work or were too expensive.

All they did was waste my time and money. You probably know the feeling too if you’ve dealt with bed bugs before. Here’s a list of what I tried:

Steam Cleaning– I rented a steam cleaner thinking this would get rid of the bed bugs, but it only got rid of the ones I could see, and they still all came back. I did get a cleaner carpet, but that’s about it.

Orkin Exterminators – Aside from all the chemicals, the treatment’s expensive as in it can cost up to $1,000 for treatments and again, no spray in existence has been known to completely eradicate bed bugs. They hate it but they won’t admit it either. Plus the chemicals can be dangerous to pets and people.

Dead Bed Bug Spray – This product didn’t do it for me, and apparently I wasn’t the only one. Bed bug repellant insecticide sprays just don’t work and all available literature supports this fact.

Hot Shot Bedbug and Flea Fog – This product just proves why these in-home self foggers don’t work, at all!

The ZappBugg Heater looks and sounds great until you realize it’s mostly for clothes and it’s over 200 bucks, and will not solve your home bed bug problem infestation.

The Bed Bug Barrier Mattress Cover is nothing more than a weak attempt to sell a bed cover marketed for preventing bed bugs. Most of the time the material rips and its cheap price is only surpassed by its cheap quality.

I checked out Riddex, a sonar device that emits a high-pitched sound that clears the interior walls of mice, roaches, spiders, and other pests. Ultimately though I found online this product does not work against bedbugs.

FabriClear is often touted as being the go-to bed bug killing spray. Only problem is, even the government admits that no spray will even put a dent in an infestation. It may kill a few bed bugs, but you have to stop them from nesting and proliferating.

A bed bug repellent I found that actually worked

natural bed bug solution

I found a product called Bedroom Guardian that worked for me out of all the other things I tried, all of which you can read about below in my full review. I liked Bedroom Guardian because (in 2014) it had very high ratings with the Better Business Bureau, good reviews on Yelp and on Amazon as well.

Their service was prompt, I received their product in less than 5 business days from all the way across the country, and the instructions were simple.

better business bureau


However in 2017 Bedroom Guardian received an overall grade of F with the Better Business Bureau, and you can read customer reviews here.

This review I found on the web was the deciding factor that convinced me to get it because it sounded just like my situation and by the time I came across it I was running out of options and patience. It felt like this guy in Fort Collins Colorado on Yelp was speaking directly to me:

yelp bed bug reviews

“I have an active infestation in my apartment that I could not remove, even after spending over $1200 USD on an exterminator. At best the exterminator was able to mitigate the problem temporarily, but soon enough the bed bugs were back and biting. I suspect that the bed bugs originated from my neighbors.

Anyway I found out about Bedroom Guardian through Google and gave them a shot. Compared to an exterminator, the cost of the product is minimal. Before I ordered the product, I called the Bedroom Guardian customer service line, and was able to speak to an expert about my problem. I explained to her my situation, and she advised how many units I need and exactly where I need to place them to stop my bed bug problem.

I provided my credit card details to Bedroom Guardian, and about a week later my Bedroom Guardian kit arrived in the mail. Although the kit did come with detailed instructions, I wanted to call Bedroom Guardian back just to make sure I was doing everything right. A lady named Margarete answered the call and she held my hand throughout the entire process.

After about 4 weeks noticed a significant reduction in the number of bed bug bites. I also felt like I had a much better night’s rest. After another 5 weeks my bed bug problem was eliminated completely.

Margarete did tell me that I needed to replace the Bedroom Guardian product every 60 days, and to ensure there is no gap, Bedroom Guardian normally does send a refill every 60 days as explained on the website.

The only thing that I wasn’t too crazy about is that the refill costs double. However compared to an exterminator, it’s “chump change” as they say.

The product costs $9.95 USD and each refill costs $19.90 USD. I love the peace of mind that this product gives me!”

bed bug killer review

*Update on Bedroom Guardian Price*

Since that review was written the initial charge is still $9.95 (awesome) but the monthly refill price is $24.90 now which I’m personally not thrilled about but I just cancelled the refills around the 3 month point anyway because the problem was under control completely in 6 weeks.

I essentially got a complete and total bed bug eradication product (that actually worked) for under $60 spread across 3 months when it was all said and done. You can’t get layaway that great at K Mart or Rent-a-Center.

I ultimately decided to give Bedroom Guardiana shot and the rest is history as they say, but later I found another solution which was a better deal in fact so if you’re thinking about buying Bedroom Guardian yourself, you’ll want to read this:

Bedroom Guardian sends you a small amount of product for the price. Sure the price is cleverly split up per month but you’re paying extra money per unit for shipping every month and it’s automatic recurring billing so your credit card is going to keep getting charged!

bedroom guardian bed bug reviews

Now I know for a fact the product works because I’ve used it, but still it was not fun having to deal with the negative aspects mentioned above like having to call and wait on hold for an hour to cancel their automated billing, which is why I actually recommend a website called Defensive End! because of the overall value they provide.

defensive end bed bugs

Mainly because while the price seems only marginally higher up front, you get more effective product (with some left over) with a one-and-done transaction and price, with no hassle.

Also it has the fastest shipping of any online bed bug product so you can expect to get it in the mail in 5 to 7 days usually which was kind of a surprise to me. Anyone who’s ordered something off of some websites knows what it’s like to unexpectedly wait 3 weeks for something simple and well priced.

I’m still waiting for what seems like years for my therapeutic Oregano Oil!

*update (the Oregano Oil never came and I had to cancel after waiting several weeks)*

The important thing is I found something that worked for me and saved me money while avoiding toxic chemicals, and I hope you’ll find something effective and affordable too that works for you.

But before I actually got rid of those damn bed bugs it was pretty bad.

My Bed Bug Horror Story

bed bug diseases

To this day I can still feel the shivers down my spine just revisiting and thinking about those flat, reddish brown, wingless insects turning fat, swollen, and redder just as I became their next meal night after night.

Horrible little pests feeding on blood that are able to survive without food for up to a year. Hiding. Lurking. Travelling between different apartment units like blood sucking nomads. They’re active when you sleep and latch onto your luggage as well as belongings when you stay at a hotel. Even 5 star hotels get bed bug infestations. It’s got nothing to do with being dirty or clean.

So if you believe your home is safe from bed bugs, you better think again. I found out the hard way firsthand how these little buggers can be brought into your home via yourself after travelling or visitors staying in your home.

How it probably started for me was my little James either picked them up from some kids at school or they came through the walls from a neighboring apartment unit. Some of the people around where I stay are just plain dirty (and crazy) and don’t give a damn like they live in the woods.

For me the bed bug problem got out of hand quickly. See, I learned that bed bugs love to spread and multiply like rabbits in the wild so my whole unit was soon a giant hangout and nightly feeding frenzy for bed bugs, plus it took me months and several lost dollars before I finally found something that actually worked which was both safe and affordable.

Hell it took me a month before I even realized they were bed bug bites. I thought they were mosquitoes or spiders in the beginning. We don’t have pets so I knew it wasn’t fleas but we did have carpet. Strangely enough the solution I eventually found also kills ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, millipedes, and centipedes. I’ll explain more about why it works like that in a sec.

Bed bugs bite at night usually when people are asleep, so I wouldn’t feel anything until I woke up and itched really bad. I’d have red spots down my arms and legs and my babies would have spots all over their backs. I didn’t even realize it could have been bed bugs until I saw something on the news about them. Then it clicked.

I will survive. I will survive. As long as I know how to stop bed bugs I know I’ll stay alive.

My inner Donna Summers was telling me that I could stop these damn bed bugs, I just had to take action. So I took some precautions and tried to do it myself.

My Go-it-Alone First Attempt at Preventing Bed Bugs

I checked my bed and the kids’ beds for tiny, reddish spots in the bed linens, bed skirts, mattress seams, sheets, bed frame, and pillow cases. I flipped the mattresses over and inspected every nook, corner and crevice I could find.

– I started washing my bedding using the hottest temperatures allowed for the fabric. Sorry high-thread count Egyptian sheets, but them bed bugs got to go.

– I would remove any clutter throughout the bedroom and house and make the kids clean up after themselves.

– I inspected my entire home regularly, especially as soon as I had visitors overnight (once they left, I didn’t actually inspect their belongings but can’t say I didn’t think about it!).

– If I stayed in a hotel, family member or friend’s house I would keep my luggage far away from any dark potential bed bug hiding places. I would also check the kids backpacks and clothes for any possible bed bugs or stragglers.

– I stopped collecting 2nd hand furniture. It simply wasn’t worth the risk. I got my babies to think about and that’s the easiest way to get bed bugs is in somebody’s old sofa.

Even after these precautions, the bed bug problems persisted. So after many hours of research and sleepless nights of bed bug bites on me and my babies, I started to look for a bedbug repellant since my landlord that shit-for-brains wouldn’t do anything about the problem. Oh but he can raise the rent every year!

What Bed Bugs are Attracted To

what bed bugs are attracted to

Bed bugs are attracted to 2 things: heat and CO2. That’s why they come out to feed at night, because you’re a warm body in a bed breathing out a lot of warm carbon dioxide air ? At least I am.

So bed bugs are basically unavoidable, unless you approach the problem from the right angle. And the solution I found after all the fruitless searches  and ventures actually accomplishes total bed bug eradication in a very sophisticated but simplistic way.

All of a sudden I hit a turning point in my search to get rid of bed bugs.

It was like a switch flipped on in my head. I knew there had to be something out there that could help even if I hadn’t found it yet. I decided it had to be a natural bed bug repellent that actually worked, was 100% safe and not harmful to my kids who play on the floor, and it couldn’t break the bank. I still have to get my niece something nice for her birthday coming up but I got to get this bed bug problem under control too.

After going through all the typical bed bug solutions on the market with no success, one day, I finally found something! Okay so getting rid of bed bugs wasn’t something that happened overnight, it was over the course of about 5 weeks for them to completely go away, but away they indeed went.  And I noticed positive changes within the first couple of weeks. So what happened?

defensive end bed bugs

I found Bedroom Guardian by accident, the same way I found the bed bugs, coincidentally, which eventually led me to Defensive End!. After some trial and error I finally got something for people like me which helped me not only get rid of bed bugs but also gave me the knowledge of how to stop almost any type of typical domestic bug infestation in the future.

Their instructions were easy to understand but they were also fascinating. I found out that the ingredients that make this product work contain diatoms which are essentially microscopic fossilized remains of plants and sea phytoplankton. They are harmless to humans (actually some people eat it to reduce parasites in the digestive system) and farmers put it in their crops to fight pests naturally.

But it also works safely in the home too as a non toxic pesticide. I even contacted the Environmental Protection Agency’s division, the National Pesticide Information Center at Oregon State University to confirm the facts regarding its safety. It is not technically a pesticide because it is all-organic material being used in a very forward-thinking and progressive way.

bed bugs treatment

How Defensive End! Works

The diatoms in the Bed Bug Killer provided by Defensive End! are harmless to the touch of a human but are actually razor sharp microscopic particles that cut into and stick to the abdomens and exoskeletons of arthopods, the family of insects bed bugs belong to (as well as fleas, cockroaches, ants, spiders, millipedes and scorpions). So the bugs encounter the diatoms in the bedbug killer and it gets stuck in their bodies causing them to dehydrate and die in a matter of a few days.

It’s like bed bugs walking through a field of sharp jagged glass chards and them not being able to do anything about it. There’s no chemicals involved and other bed bugs will not even attempt that area again.

I noticed good things started to happen after a few weeks. The bites got less and less until about week 4 or 5 when I wasn’t getting bit at all. When I ordered I got 2, 1 for me and one for my babies’ room. Pretty soon none of us were getting bit any more and we could sleep easy. I still had some issues with anxiety from the bites but that’s going away. The important thing is I got rid of the bed bugs!!!

This whole ordeal really tripped me out. I didn’t think it could be that safe, easy, or just… creative and unique. It’s like the easiest and simplest way was sitting there right before my eyes the whole time and I finally caught a glimpse. Glad I did too!

Other Customer Testimonials: Does it Really Work?

“THIS STUFF WORKS!!!  I was extremely skeptical after my son was battling with these pesky bedbugs that found their way into his home as hitchhikers from who knows where… he’d tried everything else, so what was one more shot?  THIS one did the trick and I’m a believer!!  Fair warning, the product DOES irritate sinuses and such, so make sure you’re wearing a mask when applying!!”

Truly D. -Las Vegas, NV

“It works! Infestation gone! It only took one day after using pesticides, borax and the exterminator spraying!”

Marie – NYC, NY

“Purchased this to get rid of the problem I have been experiencing in my condo. It’s been two weeks and the bugs have been rapidly disappearing. Haven’t seen but one or two in the last couple of days. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to be free of pesty bed bugs!”

C. Arnold – Seattle, WA


Michelle – Los Angeles, CA

“Great for everything from chicken dust baths, to bed bug prevention, this is some awesome stuff. I use it as a flea powder for my cats and even put it in their food as a de-wormer. The product arrived quickly and was as described by the seller.”

Paul S. – Chicago, IL

“It helped with what we needed and we like that it is not harmful to our pets and our children”

Jillian R. – Houston, TX

“This will get rid of them. Its cheap, easy to use and kills em’ dead! Professional exterminators don’t want this secret out, it means less sales for them.”

Missy J. – Cleveland, OH

You can  finally get rid of the bed bugs once and for all or get something similar but better, but this product type is really amazing.

Good Luck, Good Night and Of Course – Sleep Tight!

If you need help with your bed bug, flea, ant or roach problem feel free to hit me up with any questions at I’ll try to answer if I have time, but if not, I think there’s more than enough info on my website to help get you headed in the right direction!