Defensive End! Review

There’s a new kid on the block in the fight against bed bugs so naturally we we were curious to see what they are about. The product is actually not a product at all, but a website called Defensive End! and it promises to do a few things:

defensive end bed bugs

1. Get rid of your bed bug problem completely without toxic chemicals, for good.

2. Get rid of your bed bug infestation without hidden charges or surprise recurring billing, maximize the value and increase the amount of usable product the consumer receives while enriching customer and community.

3. Send you the safest, best, all-natural, EPA-approved, made-in-your-home-country-or-close-by, amorphous freshwater silica product that will wipe out not just bed bugs, but ALL bugs (a big claim, but verified true)

It definitely does what it says it does. Most important it gets rid of bed bugs which recently were discovered to now spread disease. Reviews have been stellar so far. Users report back that in addition to appreciating not having to wake up to a surprise credit card charge one day from some of the less reputable bed bug products on the web, they valued the bonus that comes with it.

Defensive End! Bonus

defensive end kills all bugs

It’s a pretty significant thing to find a bed bug product that works first of all. It’s another thing when the product comes with a whole guide on how to use what you thought was just a bed bug killer to ALSO kill ants, fleas, and roaches- all the most common household pests- effectively and inexpensively. No more calls to the exterminator, ever.

It’s a big claim but one that is easily understood once a customer goes through the purchase process. They are immediately directed to a screen to download the instructions to both Defensive End! the End to ALL Bed Bugs and Definitive End: the End to ALL Pests! which the website claims as the prototype of their future product themselves (once they get EPA approval).

So basically what you get along with whatever product they send you is a link to instructional videos and PROOF videos of their prototype working on bed bugs and ants. Again, their prototype is the SAME THING practically as the major bed bug company products on the market, only it’s not EPA approved due to the cost of licensing, so they simply send you something just like it THAT IS EPA-approved.

The government, looking out for you, and keeping new solutions off the market. Because… why again? Only God knows why…

So What Makes Defensive End! So Special?

Defensive End! has great customer service and the product they send out works on everything they say it does. It is a community and value oriented website/company that puts the needs of the customer first, and unlike most other bed bug stores online, THEY DON’T SELL YOU A BUNCH OF CRAP YOU DON’T NEED.

Pros and Cons of Defensive End!

Defensive End! is relatively new to the bed bug killing game. They send you an already-existing 3rd party product whose ingredients are certified organic and registered with the EPA, completely effective and safe. They do business this way to ensure they can serve customers within the confines of international pesticide law in all countries.

defensive end reviews

However, they are a new company and as such some people may not want to do business with them because in some people’s eyes they are not tried and true. Also, with a little more research you might find your own solution for cheaper.

But then, time is money, and no one is trying to tell you how to spend either.

Additionally, their website does not offer a refund. Some people may be put off by an un-clearly stated refund policy but they claim it’s because they send you a product that’s guaranteed to work.

However, they say that “if someone applies the product the way it’s intended to be applied and follows the instructions, there’s an incredibly good chance all the bed bugs will go away- forever”.

The bottom line… the Defensive End! system actually works.

Many people will appreciate the value they offer and I think Defensive End! is worth checking out. Its price is higher than most bed bug products but their customer testimonials are pretty impressive.

I guess, and perhaps this is the whole purpose of our website is to answer the question that it all comes down to:

“How much is a great night’s sleep worth to you?”


Everyone’s answer will be different.

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