Fabriclear Review

During my research on the best way to kill bed bugs I learned something hilarious but it made total sense about people and bug spray! (I secretly have ALWAYS suspected this!)

fabriclear bed bug spray review

Studies showed that people were more naturally inclined to choose a bug spray regardless of how effective it was, because the act of dispensing the spray itself i.e. pulling a trigger and firing a weapon- made lots of people feel like they were getting back at their ex-boyfriends.

I kid you not!!!

It’s true, we’re Americans and we live in a society where guns are accepted (if you count the movies, our massive use of the military, rap music, or go deer hunting). So no matter how you personally feel about guns, we’ve all been taught they solve problems- to an extent.

The problem is, they could shape the Fabriclear bottle like an M-16 assault rifle, and it still would not get completely rid of bed bugs! Because, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, it doesn’t get the eggs. And there’s gonna be eggs, and plenty of them too.

Therefore we cannot recommend Fabriclear as a total solution to bed bugs. It just makes people feel like they’re doing something, and yes, it will kill some bugs on contact, but then again so will Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol lol!

More info on FabriClear

FabriClear is a very popular spray advertised and marketed on TV and at Wal Mart. Problem is, it just doesn’t work consistently. It does work sometimes, and it is natural, so it was not a bad choice if you’re going for the inexpensive, non-chemical approach that I was.

Bed bugs are extremely resilient arthropods. The powerful but harmful pesticides of yesterday were able to hold off infestation for a period of time, but bed bugs eventually returned and these days people are more aware of the potential harms of widespread and indiscriminate industrial chemical use on residential areas. But on top of that, the truth is bed bug sprays don’t work:

“At this time we are not very good at curing bed bug problems. There is no pesticide or application method that works 100 percent of the time.  Depending on the clutter that may exist in each apartment, treatment can have variable success.” -Dini M. Miller, Ph.D., an associate professor in Urban Pest Management at Virginia Tech’s Department of Entomology

The Pros and Cons of FabriClear: a Split Decision

All the reviews online were mixed. It was split between love and hate. Some people claimed it worked but most people said that it only worked for a period of time, then the bed bugs would return eventually.

–The Pro’s–

100% Natural and Safe

Smells good (like peppermint)

Cheap and affordable

–The Cons–

Kills bed bugs on contact (sometimes)

Does not kill eggs

Does not wipe out entire bed bug infestations

Is really no more than a bunch of natural ingredients and some oils.

Beware of Fake FabriClear Reviews

I guess it all depends on the volume and traffic of bed bugs and the scope of your individual problem. But I didn’t wait to find out if FabriClear was going to work on a pretty bad bedbug problem. I just wanted to wipe the whole friggin’ bug colony out already.

**My Final Review of FabriClear**

But in my opinion… It did not completely work! I admit I had a lot of bed bugs. For my problem it was not enough in the bottle to cover the areas I needed it to. It doesn’t kill the bugs, usually it only keeps them at bay maybe for a day or two but inevitably you will get bitten again.

It may kill on the spot but bed bugs hide en masse in places that a little spray just ain’t gonna cut it. Keep in mind, I wanted to eradicate the bed bug infestation and how much I valued peace of mind and reducing the anxiety determined my ultimate decision. I was tired of waiting for my bed bug problem to be solved and time was a wastin’.

Again, the things I liked about FabriClear is that it was completely non toxic and made of natural ingredients.  What I didn’t like is that you have to keep spraying the bugs to kill them so it is a very involved method of getting rid of bed bugs, with no real guarantee that you’re going to get their eggs or do more than just piss them bed bugs off.  For extremely minor cases of bed bugs it might be worth it to check out but it’s no magic solution, that FabriClear.

(For a more effective and total solution consider getting either Bedroom Guardian or Defensive End! )

Ingredients in FabriClear

Geraniol ………………………………… 1.00%
Peppermint Oil……………………….. 0.02%
Soybean Oil ……………………………. 0.02%
Citric Acid ……………………………… 0.01%
Inert Ingredients*………………….. 98.95%
Total ……………………………………. 100.00%
*Water, Polyglyceryl oleate, Glyceryl dicaprylate


Not one of these ingredients is going to kill a bed bug swarm to be honest. The oils might stain your mattress though 

Price of FabriClear

Depending on where you purchase FabriClear, it will usually cost you $20 plus tax. If you buy it from Target or Wal Mart it costs about $19.99 usually. If you buy FabriClear on Amazon it will cost anywhere from $15 to $30, but then you also pay about 3 or 4 bucks shipping and handling.

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