How to check for bed bugs

checking for bed bugs in the mattress

There has been an absence of bed bugs in the United States of America for the last 60 years, but bed bugs are making a strong come back. One of the reasons for this come back and increasing prevalence of bed bugs is an increase in world travel, and also a lack of vigilance in pest extermination, or a tolerance to insecticides by bed bugs themselves.

In fact, many people unknowingly pick them up at hotels and motels while travelling.

Bed Bugs Could Be in Your Bed, Your Sofa, or Even on the Bus

Bed bugs can be anywhere, in hotels, a movie theater, a concert hall, or even on public transportation. You may encounter a person has bedbugs in their home and they transfer onto you without your knowing. This makes learning how to check for bed bugs even that much more important, since there’s nothing that prevents them from being seemingly anywhere.

Bed bugs are often very tiny and hard to see, almost transparent in appearance, and you may not notice them until after they have eaten, if you ever see them at all. To make matters worse, bed bugs can survive several months without eating and can survive harsh climates, hot and cold. Therefore it is impossible to wait for bedbugs to die by simply evacuating a building and letting time pass.

How to inspect for bed bugs

Flip over your mattress for starters and look in the crevices of your bed. This is usually the prime culprit for hideouts of bed bugs. Examine all furniture in the room, clothes, the closet, and in the cracks along the wall. Then move to other areas of the house.

how to check for bed bugs

Another problem with bed bugs is they often travel hundreds of feet in order to feed, so if you don’t find them under your bed, they may still be hiding somewhere else like in your closet or in furniture in your house or domicile.

Where Bed Bugs Like to Hide

Bedbugs are most likely to be found where there is wood and fabric, as this is their favorite material. You should also look in the cracks and crevices along baseboards and even in furniture like drawers.

Bed bugs have been around since 600 B.C. and their recent comeback is startling to many populations as well at the governmental health organizations that monitor public epidemics and safety. To this date there is no completely effective bed bug pesticide to eliminate bed bugs.

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