My Favorite Luxury Bluetooth Speaker – the Divoom Ditoo

This little gadget sure is a lot of fun. The Divoom Ditoo retro bluetooth speaker looks like a tiny vintage computer and has a cute little LED screen that shows wild pixel art animations.

What are pixel art animations? Only the coolest thing since ever! And if you’re a gamer or gamer girl serious about your accessories, the ultimate cool multi-functional ornament for Twitch streaming or making YouTube videos.

Take a look: Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Retro Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Ditoo is perfect for all of us kids from the 80’s and 90’s. It provides bright flickering lit reminders of all those fun Nintendo characters. It’s also a great addition to someone who runs a coffee shop or something like that.

You could display an animation of a person drinking coffee while music is coming out of it at the counter on this beautiful 16×16 LED screen. That’d be a real conversation starter.

And yes, it’s the perfect unique luxury desk decoration for Twitch streamers who wanna show off their dope gaming and recording setup. It also records voice messages too which you can send to people. The sound is really high quality though while it’s clear and full, it doesn’t have huge sub bass.

The Perfect Luxury, Unique Retro Gift

I think most people who have any familiarity with computers and video would appreciate the Ditoo as well. It’s such an original, authentic fun desk accessory that anybody with the ability to use a smartphone will pick it up and see the value and feel the excitement immediately.

I like that you get a free app where you can download pixel art from the online community. You can always find some great animations there to download to your device through your phone.

cute little bluetooth vintage speaker luxury desk decoration

You can also create your own pixel art with the Divoom app pixel art generator, though it might be better to do your pixel art on a desktop computer so you can use your mouse for better control of your pixel brush 😉

You can check out the Divoom Ditoo here.

My final opinion on the Divoom Ditoo bluetooth speaker

This is a great toy for adults or kids alike and makes for a fun gadget to keep on your desk or your nightstand, or just take out to the living room and play with it while you listen to music with friends and family.

For the everyday music listener, the bluetooth speaker will sound excellent. To the hardcore audiophile, it might not garner 5 stars. But all in all, it’s a great, well-built quality luxury product that’s fun, stylish, one of a kind, and makes you feel more youthful just playing around with it.

Throw in the fact there’s an option for soothing mood music to help you fall asleep and an alarm clock to wake you up, and I’m in.

Who doesn’t want a little relaxation and chill vibes on the way to sleepy land?

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