steam cleaning bed bugs

photo: woman inspecting a mattress for possible bed bug hiding places

I called a carpet cleaning company trying to see about steam cleaning bedbugs. While a lot of people think that you can steam clean bedbugs and it will take care of the problem, that is actually not the case.

Don’t feel bad though, a lot of people think that and it logically makes sense, but then you must ask what are bed bugs and how nasty and resilient they can be to get a gauge on the scope of how severe a bed bug infestation can actually be.

Steam Cleaning does nothing to get rid of Bed Bug Eggs

In fact there really is no such thing as bedbug cleaning with a machine steam cleaner. The steam simply does not reach adequate temperatures to eradicate the little critters. So before you ask how to clean for bedbugs, let me save you some time. It won’t fix the problem, it will only reduce it temporarily and clean things up a bit.

So, the best way to clean for bedbugs is to simply clean your house or domicile as you normally would and eliminate hiding places. There is no 100% method for bed bug eradication which has baffled pest control experts and public health officials alike since the recent bed bug resurgence.

It’s true you can rent a steam cleaner and get a lot of the bedbugs, but there is no steam cleaner for bedbugs that gets rid of them all because they hide out in great numbers and travel great distances to feed. In fact, bed bug eggs are so small they stick to the fibers in the carpet and the cracks in fabrics.

Also, you may want to ensure that the bites you and your family are getting are even from bed bugs, and not fleas, ticks, spiders or mosquitoes. Here’s where you can see what bedbug bites look like.

Steam Cleaning Will Reduce but not Eradicate Bed Bugs, so What Can I Do?

Bedbug extermination can be very costly and require multiple visits by pest-control, as well as being potentially toxic and harmful due to toxicity.

Make sure to clean your house well, and then to prevent hiding places for bedbugs. Always check on your mattresses, along the baseboards, and piles of clothes, and even in furniture drawers.

If after all this you’re still seeking to learn how to eradicate bedbugs, it may just be best to get the natural bed bug solution they offer at Defensive End!. It comes with a money back guarantee and many people (including myself) are already raving about this new product. It’s a risk-free 100% natural bedbug repellent.

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