what bedbug bites look like

what do bed bug bites look like

Have you ever awaken in the morning and had little bites on your arms or legs or red rash and you had no idea how they got there? Most of the time people just assume this is from spider bites, fleas, or an allergic reaction.

But did you know that you might actually have bed bugs in your home? Thinking back now you may realize you had bedbug bites and didn’t know it. I know I sure did.

A lot of people think that bed bugs are just prevalent in areas of low income and poverty, but the truth is bedbugs can be found even in five star hotels cruise ships buses trains and dorm rooms.

What is the harm of Bedbug bites

Most of the time, bed bugs do not spread major diseases. However, a Penn University Medicine study showed that bedbugs can carry the parasite that causes the deadly Chagas disease. The biggest risk is one of infection, annoyance and anxiety, perhaps causing you to not rest completely easily at night and get a full night’s sleep.

Many people report insomnia and being stressed out when trying to fall asleep at night, or they are preoccupied that their newborn baby is being bitten by one of the bloodsucking devils.

Do bed bugs bite during the day?

Bed bugs are often impossible to find during the day because they hide during daylight hours and then faced at night. If you suspect that you have bedbugs one of the best places to look is under your mattress or box spring and check for easy hiding places in and around the bedroom.

Often times bedbug infestations are treated through insecticides and spraying, but if you are allergic to chemicals or have a high sensitivity to pesticides or insecticides then you may want to consider a 100% natural bed bug repellents.

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