Riddex Review


In recent years technology has been developed to get rid of pests without actually killing them. This type of product is known as an ultrasonic pest repellent.

 Riddex is quite the innovative and unusual product, but ultimately is more effective against mice and some insects than bedbugs.

The product maker claims it gets rid of all pests and while it may get rid of a lot of them, bed bugs are a special case. Riddex is also quite effective against roaches.

So how does Riddex work?

Riddex uses sonar to send electrical impulses throughout the walls of your residence causing mice and roaches to clear out. It is also effective against squirrels and gofers and potentially other small furry creatures.

So if you have a problem with mice or lots of spiders in your house or in your walls, this can be an absolutely great product for you.

There have been many positive stories about this unit online but also an equal number of negative reviews. Often times negative reviews are the result of people not knowing how to use a product. Then again sometimes the product just plain does not work.

These types of products claim to be effective against a wide array of pests including mice, but as this video shows, they are anything but effective.

Does Riddex Work against Bed Bugs?

I would definitely not get this for bedbugs. Bedbugs or just simply too resilient and they are not affected by normal anti-pest solutions like other pests are. However I could see the benefit in this product if you have a mice or roach problem, or if you use this product along with something else.

Riddex could potentially prevent bedbugs from hiding in your walls but would most likely drive them out of the walls into somewhere else where something like bedroom guardian or fabric clear would then be necessary.

You should also be careful of this product if you have small animals like dogs or cats. The high-pitched noise that is inaudible to human ears can often distracted and bother household pets.

For the most part the Riddex product gets absolutely excellent reviews for people who are trying to get rid of mice but other than that the reviews are pretty mixed. My advice is definitely do not buy this for bedbugs if you are on a budget and you are not buying any other bed bug repellent. I would only use this as a supplement to an effective bedbug treatment or consider using this for other pests besides bedbugs.

Additionally, if you have a roach or rodent problem, Riddex has been rated as an excellent solution. Bedroom Guardian and Defensive End! will also kill roaches, but Riddex sends unique signals through the walls to get the roaches out.

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