the dangers of pesticides

the dangers of pesticides

Many people are against the use of pesticides, much like myself. One of the biggest factors in judging the potential toxicity and dangers of pesticides is the amount of toxicity plus the degree of exposure.

The longer a person is exposed to a particular pesticide, the greater the potential exists for harm. The three most common ways people are exposed to pesticides is through breathing and inhalation, getting it into the mouth or digestive tract, or it coming into contact with the skin or eyes.

Determining the dangers of pesticides

Another factor and exposure is whether the pesticide is sprayed, whether it is used and applied as a gel for instance along the baseboards and cracks of your kitchen floor, or the pesticide exists in a localized remote device like a roach motel.

Pesticides can harm your baby, your kids- your loved ones

Many pesticides have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and a host of neurological problems. Often times pesticides and insecticides cause the greatest harm in children, is developing organs and brains have the greatest sensitivity to toxic agents.

Always weigh the cost versus benefits when you consider using insecticides or pesticides in your home, for the sake of your own health, that of your children and your family. Maybe DIY bed bug removal is your best bet, and usually the cheapest option too.

A bed bug bite may bother you for a week, but a major neurological malfunction can affect you for life.

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