The Truth about Bedroom Guardian

Bedroom Guardian was the first bed bug product I tried. Knowing that it worked was what enabled me to recommend it as a viable treatment for bed bugs, originally.

bedroom guardian bed bugs

But after getting so many messages on my facebook page from customers expressing their displeasure with the product, I have changed my mind about this product. While it may work, it can cause you a world of hassle and a potentially bad credit rating.

A good credit rating is what helps you get approved for that car loan, helps you get that nicer apartment or approved for a home loan, and expands your consumer credit in general, so you don’t want anybody messing with it!

Bedroom Guardian bed bug review

Bedroom Guardian has an F with the Better Business Bureau. 

If you value what the BBB says as it records customer complaints, then this may be the biggest deal-breaker for you, and Bedroom Guardian has logged 57 complaints closed in the last year.

As you can see Bedroom Guardian LLC has altogether stopped responding to BBB requests for information at this time.

Is Bedroom Guardian a Scam?

This is where it gets tricky. Bedroom Guardian offers you a free trial, something which on its face is completely unnecessary, but its intended purpose is actually to get your credit card info so they can put you on the auto-ship and auto-bill program. Their product is only sold through recurring transactions and billing to your credit card.

Their product only stops shipping to you when you call them and cancel. Their call center is outsourced through the Phillipines, and hold times for getting customer service to cancel can go up to an hour on average, if you get through at all to cancel.

Because many people sign up for the “free” trial in which they charge you an exorbitant 10 or 15 bucks just for shipping for the “free” product and then forget about it, Bedroom Guardian makes a TON of money because it takes several months for people to realize they bought it and need to cancel, some 6 months to a year later.

Well, they just charged you 25 – 30 bucks a month until you caught that little accounting error. Maybe more, depending on how much you signed up for and how many rooms are in your residence.

This ruins a lot of people’s credit and guess what? You can expect to live in the hood a little longer because that nicer apartment doesn’t like your credit rating being as low as it is, thanks to Bedroom Guardian charging you over and over for breaking down a total solution for bed bugs into small units shipped monthly, done on purpose to maximize their profits at your expense. A partial solution administered on purpose itself is pretty fraudulent. If you have the cure, then share it, or sell it, but don’t scam people and burden their lives.

I want to thank the readers of this blog and followers of our facebook page who brought this to our attention with messages and information.

For this reason, you can see now why we don’t recommend Bedroom Guardian.