The ZappBug Heater Review

The Zappbug bed bug heater oven
also known as the Zappbug Oven

The ZappBug Heater seems like a great idea for just decontaminating your clothes when you travel. However, it won’t fix your current bed bug problem if your house is already infested.

Additionally the unit costs $350.00. How many people have that kind of money laying around to buy a heater that kills potential bed bugs in your clothes?

Their customer service is great but ultimately this is not the best bang for your buck. It doesn’t really help anyone except frequent travellers with $350 to burn. It doesn’t actually kill bed bug infestations.

Of course, if you have the patience and $2,000 plus a friend that’s willing to help you could use the bigger version of the Zappbug heater which assembles in the middle of a room.

It takes forever to set up plus multiple people to help, and there’s no guarantee the bed bugs won’t come back. My solution I found cost me less than $10 up front and less than $50 when it was said and done, plus it only took me 30 minutes to apply from start to finish.

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