Yep, Poor People Get Bed Bugs More Often Too

What was common sense to most of us already has now become “official” after a study revealed one of the biggest determining factors for if you’ll get bed bugs: your neighborhood-level median income.

This means low-income and government housing residents are often hit the hardest and have the fewest resources available to battle these nocturnal biting pests. While it used to be considered politically incorrect or insensitive to make a statement like this, now the University of Massachusetts Amherst has confirmed it for everyone.

The researcher responsible for conducting the data analysis observed that these communities are already suffering from other potential issues like unclean water, building disrepair, and asthma cases from poor ventilation, mold, or cheap construction.

My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge: Hosea 4:6

It’s true, the real solution to bed bugs is not relying on some government agency or city planner, or even on a solid income to deal with the problem affordably.

“Low income” residents and their landlords always seem to believe that the government needs to come save them, yet if you assume the only solution is expensive bed bug exterminator treatments costing in the hundreds or thousands, then you’re already destined for failure, regardless of what the data points are.

In a recent story out of Reno, Nevada, one lady in public assistance housing finally got some outside help for a severe bed bug infestation which had been ongoing for the last 3 years after she posted a request for help on a community facebook page.

After the facebook page managers saw her request, they were able to mobilize a community response that involved several levels of government which had previously ignored her request going back to 2018.

Government Responds to Bed Bugs Only When it Has To, and Still Not Even Then

You can’t help but wonder that if the government and local politicians didn’t stand some positive PR (or potential negative consequences from social media) for rushing to the woman’s aid, would they have just kept ignoring her?

You have to imagine there are thousands more like her who are not getting the help they need.

But this is where I don’t agree with the common problem-reaction-solution cycle. Clearly we have to deal with this reality, but what if we could improve our reality with knowledge on how to get rid of bed bugs affordably, safely, and for good?

Bed Bug Solution for Poverty Conditions

The one thing people can do is educate themselves. Knowing the average cost of a professional bed bug treatment for a residence can range from $300 – $3,000, you have to be willing to shell out the big bucks or seek an effective alternative.

One such alternative is known as diatomaceous earth. It can be found cheaply at Home Depot or at a local feed store. However, there are different types of diatomaceous earth: one for putting in livestock feed, one for water filtration in swimming pools, and another for pesticide use.

To use diatomaceous earth for bed bugs you are technically supposed to go with an EPA-approved bed bug killer, though I think food grade works fine if not better, though the particle size of the “dust” makes it more likely to become airborne and a mild breathing hazard.

This is why I recommend the website because they provide just this type of effective natural bed bug treatment, which stays good as long it’s kept dry, and contains no artificial chemicals or toxins.

And each order comes with a free E-guide on how to not only get rid of bed bugs, but how to get rid of all crawling insect pests to include roaches, ants, ticks, and fleas.

Whatever You Do- Don’t Wait for Someone Else to Do It For You

There used to be a saying- “You get what you pay for.”

Nowadays, a growing sense of entitlement is rapidly developing, as evidenced in the public vocabulary I experienced just reading the various articles on bed bugs in the news.

Aside from the foolishness of thinking the world or the government owes you something, consider how much dumber it is to decide to be reliant on one that is too incompetent to help you anyway.

With that said, good luck!


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